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A homemade Meal After Vacation

I just had an amazing week in Florida with my cousins. We ate a lot, drank a lot, ran around like kids a lot, and soaked in the sun a lot. And although we had amazing food all trip, there really is nothing better than coming home and cooking a home cooked meal. My Aunt Kiki made this sauce for when I visited her in California once. It’s different and oh so good. So while I unpacked and did endless laundry, this goodness was simmering on my stove. Enjoy! 

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 portobello mushroom cap
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
2 tsp cinnamon
1tsp red pepper flakes
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dried basil
1/4 cup red wine
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
salt and pepper


Chop the portobello cap in finely. Add to a hot pan with the oil and cook down about 10-15 minutes adding half of the cinnamon, onion powder, and oregano to the pot, and also the red pepper flakes and salt and pepper to taste.   

Once the mushrooms are cooked down,  deglaze the pan with the red wine. Then add the tomatoes and simmer for 1 1/2 hours. In the last 10 minutes add the feta. Serve over spaghetti and enjoy the comfort of a home cooked meal.