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*Don’t Settle*

Choices or fate. Signs or reminders. I live my life thinking in a weird mixture of all these. So much in life is up for chance, but one thing I’ve learned is that life is too short yet so long all at the same time and we should live it to the fullest. Not by settling. What’s meant to be will be in some way, but our choices are what lead us down these paths. I love reading quotes and some which have resonated with me lately are *We meet everyone for a reason* and *You sometimes lose by taking risks but you always lose by holding back*. Life and decisions are tough. And the world is a weird place lately. But my life always comes back to cooking. And cooking is what gets me through any type of day. This year I hope to get back to trying more new recipes and writing my thoughts here to all of you. A little late for a New Years post but this month has been crazy already. So make memories, let “reminders” of things lead you to thinking whether it be a smell or a picture or a quote or something received in the mail, do what you enjoy and “Ten years from now make sure you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it*.  Here’s to 2017 and cooking!