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Rosé All Day

Happy National Rosé Day!


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Cape Cod, in Memory of My Mother

Well, this was a tough one. This trip to Cape Cod was planned to celebrate my parent’s 40th Anniversary. 40 years of love, friendship, and companionship. My parents a lot of times took me and my sister on their anniversary trips. It wasn’t because they didn’t like going away together. They took other trips just the two of them. But when they planned Hawaii for their 20th anniversary, they couldn’t find it in them not to take us along. Same for their 25th anniversary. Their 30th they did go to Aruba alone, but not without planning a day trip to the north fork of Long Island together. So it went without saying that my dad would plan a family trip for their 40th anniversary. And after much deliberation we settled on Cape Cod as an easier trip for both my mom and my 2 year old niece.

When my mom passed, we decided to keep this trip and celebrate her life and the love that my parents shared. My mom loved Cape Cod, and while now we could have traveled a bit easier elsewhere, we thought what better way to remember her than in a place she loved. The weather wasn’t the best, as spring/summer has decided to take a bit longer to get to the Northeast this year. But Cape Cod is a great destination no matter what the weather.

I’ve only been to the Cape once before. The beaches are beautiful and even with the chillier weather, we went for a bit. Bundled in sweatshirts, we went looking for sea shells and pretty rocks to paint, kicked a ball around, and wrote messages in the sand.

Cape Cod has beautiful little towns with Main Streets filled with specialty shops and restaurants. Buildings and churches with a New England feel to them. Some along harbors or on lakes and coves.

The Pilgrims settled in this area and while we didn’t make it to Plymouth Rock which isn’t on the Cape, we did see the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, which is the true first place the Pilgrims landed.

The John F. Kennedy memorial sits right on the Hyannis Harbor.

When it rained, we visited the Cape Cod chip factory. Which moves us on to the food section of this post.

Of course being a beach area, Cape Cod is known for its seafood. But it also has some great local breweries, wineries and candy spots. To start, you have to get New England clam chowder, and you have to try it out everywhere you go. Some versions are creamier than others, but they were all delicious.

The local fish and chips is a must try.

You can’t go to Wellfleet and not get oysters. I think these were the best oysters I’ve ever had.

Cape Cod is home to some local beers and wines. They also have a rum distillery. While we missed the brewery tour, Cape Cod Brewery was a fun place to hang for a bit.

While on the topic of drinks and seafood, a Bloody Mary with shrimp is always a good choice.

And you can’t forget about lobster. In all it’s forms!

Cape cod has a very big Portuguese influence so you’ll often find linguica on the menu for breakfast. Linguica I’ve mentioned before is a Portuguese sausage and it’s delicious fried with eggs. Served with baked beans, a local favorite.

Penny candy stores and salt water taffy are everywhere too.

And of course, I don’t go anywhere without hunting down donuts! From local chains, to local cuisine, to specialty donuts, I tried them all.

That concludes my trip, but hope you enjoyed this food adventure. I miss you, mom. Cheers to you. 💗

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Onion Burgers

When preparing for your Memorial Day bbqs, or any bbq this summer, try this one out! I concocted this based off a burger I saw in Whole Foods years ago, and never turned back when making burgers at home. It’s perfect for a bbq full of friends or a night home full of indulgence. They are super easy to make, so not much more effort from just slapping together some patties. And they are so juicy and delicious. Here’s how you make them.


1 pound turkey chop meat
1 half small yellow onion, diced
2 scallions, sliced
1/2 Tbsp onion powder
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper


Season the diced onions with salt and pepper, and sauté until soft and golden. Set aside to cool.

Mix the chop meat, diced onions, scallions, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper to taste.

To form the burgers, gather the meat in a circle in your bowl. Score the meat in 4 to get even burgers. This is a very handy trick learned by Rachael Ray!

Grill the burgers until cooked through. Serve with your favorite toppings. I love making a spicy mayo to put on top. Avocado and pickles make perfect toppings as well. I hope you like my version of an onion burger!

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Fridays, Street Festivals and Mini Donuts

When you come out of the subway on a Friday morning and you see a street festival setting up, you have to scope it out. A donut cart? Oh yes, this is where lunch will be today….

These Nutella donuts from Glazed & Confused Mini Donuts were delicious and hit the spot to get my through the rest of this week! By now I’m sure you all know my love for donuts and these were definitely winners in my book. If you see their truck set up somewhere, be sure to check them out!

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Friday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

When you need something to smile about, you remember that your friend told you there’s a Swedish candy store a short walk from your new job. With the sun shining, I went on a hunt for this Friday afternoon pick-me-up. Oh! And I passed the Friends apt building! 🙂 Cross a NYC tourist thing I’ve never done off the list. Now, someone stop me from eating this entire bag of candy…