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Chocolate Covered Strawberries gone holiday themed

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Working in corporate retail has its perks, but during holiday season and even more especially during Thanksgiving Week and Cyber Week, the exhaustion which settles in is insane! So when my cousin Jessica said to me “I really want to make a fun dessert, do you want to help?”, while I knew I wouldn’t have the time for the break, I welcomed it. So in between checking my laptop and approving creative and placements and ensuring we’re “holiday ready” in everything I manage, I made beautiful chocolate covered strawberries with Jess. With milk chocolate, orange chocolate and sprinkles we had tons of fun. 

For the milk chocolate we melted this in a double boiler, and for the orange we used the microwave method. For the double boiler, add about an inch of water to the pot, place the double boiler on top ensuring it doesn’t touch the water, add the chocolate and melt on a low flame. 

Wash and dry the strawberries well, keep the stems intact. 

Start dipping and decorating, and just enjoy yourself! 

Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving! And while you’re Black Friday shopping, be kind to your retail friends 🙂 


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