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Birthday Fun

Not sure how already, but my adorable, sassy, fun-loving, smart, funny, beautiful little niece is 2. They are having a party for her in a few weeks, and I’ve been tasked with making a cake themed off her favorite tv show. Damn you Pinterest… I love yet hate you all the same time! Stay tuned for this masterpiece (or mess!) to come! 🎉


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Gym Fuel Shakes

So I recently joined the gym. I know, what? It’s my first “real” gym membership. I joined the gym at my last job and went for a few months.  But this is legit. I’ve been wanting to join for awhile but never went through with it. Between working late and having a long commute home I never knew when I’d have the time or energy. But it helps to have a gym buddy to motivate you and that is what finally got me going. I tend to stick to the elipitical, but that thing really is a good work out! But I do like the leg machines from my days of running track many moons ago. But no matter if you’re doing cardio or lifting weights, a quick shake either before or after the gym will get you the energy you need. I simply mixed together some fresh berries, almond yogurt and almond milk to make this shake. You can mix it up by adding almond butter or if you want some extra bulk get some protein powder. But for something light, keep it simple. We’ll see how long this gym thing lasts, but I’ll say this shake thing may last forever! Happy working out y’all!